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Restoration Showcase

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A New England Story

My early exposure to antique shops and galleries around New England, has yielded a rich bounty for my life; my mother, a researcher and an artist came from a long line of French Canadian artisans. They were builders, carving in cathedrals and executing fine arts. On weekly trips, growing up in Ridgefield Connecticut, I would frequent local shops and galleries learning from my mothers knowledge. I developed a passion for antique furniture. The balance, symmetry, beauty of period furniture and clocks especially formed an impression on me. I began replicating museum antiques in minature and was at a very early age recognized by collectors.

As a college student, my father had become an apprentice to a well-known New York City conservator. Mr. Zimmerman brought my father into his world, working for notable estates. After a period in corporate America, my parents ventured together into the world of the arts and their passion. They established a comprehensive restoration service; restoring for the likes of Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Christopher Walken, Sandy Denis, Martha Stewart and Mortimer Leavitt to name a few. My mother even advanced into porcelain restoration with pieces sent from overseas. She advanced to early Chinese dynasty paint and shellac restoration.

While in college, a carved gothic chair that I made, was recognized by our former first lady Barbara Bush. After graduating with a bachelor in art history, I joined the family business. I began to travel extensively through Europe, most often in France and England, pursuing my research in marquetry and European methods.

Today, my wife Maryse and I, are continuing my parent's legacy that started forty years ago. We are advancing the restorative process with passion. We have learned to work with existing finishes in our French polishes to achieve the best results to preserve patina and the aged character of each piece.

John Edward Clark